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10″ Danish Sweep (WK410)


Part Number: WK410

6mm thick high carbon heat treated steel

Built in bolt protector

Packaged 10/bundle

Also available hardfaced

Bolt Size : 3/8” elliptical head,
Style : shovel,
Weight/10 : 22 lbs,
Width : 10”
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Part # 10″ Danish Sweep (WK410)
Bolt Size 3/8” elliptical head
Width 10”
Weight/10 22 lbs
Style shovel
Product Category Danish or “S” Tine Sweeps, Danish or “S” Tine Sweeps, Clamps and Shanks, Row Crop, Danish, Bedding/Joyce, and Peanut Sweeps, Middle Worker Points and Reversible Blades

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