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About Us

Supplying farmers with the ‘cutting-edge’ for 90 years.

Ralph McKay, the namesake of our firm, worked as the engineer-in-chief at Sunshine Harvester Works in Melbourne, Australia. Sunshine Harvester Works was a prominent manufacturer of machinery and equipment for the Australian farming community. Ralph travelled the world examining the production processes of similar companies. Through his work and travels, one thing became clear: only focus and specialization can generate
Exceptional Quality and Excellent Value.

In 1932 Ralph left Sunshine Harvester Works to establish the company that would become what Ralph McKay Industries, Inc. is today. By limiting his focus to creating specialty parts for larger firms he was able to deliver outstanding quality to his customers. These principles are still the foundation of the company and have made Ralph McKay a global and growing presence.

Responding to increasing demand, Ralph McKay Industries built a manufacturing plant in the heart of the Canadian wheat belt where it remains today. The Australian parent company went bankrupt in 1992, presenting the directors of the Canadian operation, Mr. Gaastra, Mr. McLeod, and Mr. Giles, with the opportunity to purchase the
Canadian operation.

Through understanding its role in the production of farming equipment and doing it very well, the company has continued to create Exceptional Quality and Excellent Value. It’s because of this that Ralph McKay’s presence has grown steadily through the years through acquisitions and mergers with The Empire Plow Company, Inc., Wiese Industries, Inc., Harvest Services, MD Products and Solutions, and Roose Manufacturing.

Now, Ralph McKay is managed by Mr. Giles’ sons, Ian and Trevor Giles. With a lifetime of experience with the McKay group of companies and steadfast dedication to creating premium quality products, providing top‑notch customer-service, and driving innovation, Ralph McKay will be an industry leader for decades to come.