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Our Penetrator wing geometry is a patented design feature and it can be found in many of our product lines. A bend along the wing span pitches the forward cutting edge down and presents the ground surface with a steeper blade angle of 37°. This reduces the load required to penetrate a hard, dry surface of soil by up to 55%. This bend also serves to make the sweep ultra rigid so you can trust it to put up with some tough conditions.

Over the years we have proudly become a name thousands of farmers can rely on and we take that responsibility seriously. Listening to their needs is part of the process and when they called for products that take less time to get in the field we listened. Farming isn’t a high-speed endeavour but time can be of the essence when weather isn’t on your side. That’s why we made the SlimWedge system: A simple, quick-change system for attaching tillage tools. Similar to our Nok-On line, the SlimWedge line features a much narrower stem to reduce soil disturbance. Bolt the brackets to the shanks during down time, when it’s time to till, just wedge our SlimWedge tools onto the brackets, secure with the retainers, and you’re ready to roll. It can reduce changeover time by 75%. At McKay we focus on what matters to deliver everything you need and nothing you don’t.
Exceptional Quality and Excellent Value.