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Coulter Blade (C2025SB-1)


20″ Coulter Blade 1/4″ Thick 3.750” Round Axle
6 x 17/32″ Countersunk Bolts at 3.0″ from center
C1 10 Scallops

23° – 27° Single Face Bevel – One face only

Coulter blades that get the job done. High-grade boron steel, expert craftsmanship, and dependable cutting performance.

Part # Coulter Blade (C2025SB-1)
Category Agriculture
Type Coulter
Machine Application Morris
Thickness 0.276
Bolt Hole Number and Size 6
Bolt Circle 6
Type Bolt-Pattern, Scalloped
Diameter 20”
MM 7
Concavity 0
To Fit Axle or Arbor Size 3.75
Dual or Single Punch Single
Edge Type C1
Bolt Hole Size 0.531
Product Category Coulters, Discs, Openers, Scrapers>Coulters

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