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SlimWedge Adapter + Funnel Tab (SW14-01AF)


SlimWedge ADAPTER 1/2″ TIP w/ Funnel Tab Combo
SlimWedge air seeder adapter and funnel tab combo. Allows air-seeder attachments to be compatible with SlimWedge brackets. The funnel tab securely holds the seed tube.

The SlimWedge system is a simple, fast way to lock on and remove our high quality sweeps. The SlimLock is placed in the lower clip seat and the sweep is driven up the clip. When the SlimLock snaps into the hole in the sweep stem, it is locked into place.

The Empire Driver is an excellent tool to assist with installations. The Retainer Releasing Tool makes unlocking simple and easy. The user just engages it in place, presses the SlimLock down and drives the sweep off.

Part # SlimWedge Adapter + Funnel Tab (SW14-01AF)
Category Agriculture
Type Multi Purpose Sweeps
Attachment Method Slimwedge
Crown Height N/A
Width N/A
Weight/ea 2.1 lbs
Product Category Chisel Plow Sweeps, Spikes and Shovels, and Twisted Chisels, Empire Accessories, Empire Deep Tillage Sweeps, Empire SlimWedge System, McKay Empire Slimwedge System for Chisel Plows, Slimwedge Adaptor Clips to fit Chisel Plows

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