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Required Mounting Clip For Toolbar Shanks (VPFT7)


Nok-On Sweep Mounting Clip

7/6” Bolts Spaced 1-5/8″ to 1-3/4″

Nok-On Viper sweeps connect with this clip. The clips are installed onto the toolbar shanks with standard hardware. Once installed they allow the Nok-On sweeps to mount to the machine without the use of hardware. The clips can be used indefinitely and drastically reduce the time it takes to change a set of sweeps.

Part # Required Mounting Clip For Toolbar Shanks (VPFT7)
Hole Spacing 1 5/8” - 1 3/4”
Bolt Size 7/16”11mm
Product Category Field Cultivator and Spring Tooth Sweeps, Double Points and Accessories, Field Cultivator Sweeps, Nok-On Viper, Viper Nok-On Sweeps, Viper Sweeps, Wiese Viper Sweeps

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