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McKay Empire Slimwedge System for Chisel Plows

Our SlimWedge tools are designed for aggressive tilling beneath chisel plow tool bars. They are built with specially designed narrow shanks to generate less drag in the surface layers leaving more horsepower available for where it is needed, deep in the ground.

The SlimWedge system is a simple and fast way to lock on and remove SlimWedge points. Each shank on the plow requires a SlimWedge clip and SlimLock Retainer to be bolted to it with standard hardware. After this initial install the sweeps can be knocked on or off with just about any hard object. The SlimLock retainer locks into the hole in the sweep stems firmly holding them in place.

The McKay Driver is an excellent tool to assist with installations and avoids accidentally dulling the sweep tip. The Retainer Releasing Tool makes unlocking simple and easy.

SlimWedge Sweeps are available in 1/4″ & 5/16″ thickness and sizes ranging from 2″ – 16″.