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Empire Viper Sweeps

The Empire Viper sweeps are fully featured, premium tillage tools. Expertly engineered to pull faster and easier while delivering the best results possible through thousands of acres tilled. It boasts an aggressive taper at the nose where resistance is greatest for efficiently cutting into hard packed dirt. The taper eases at the wing tips to cultivate the entire span of the sweep. The wing profile is reduced in height and airfoil-shaped to reduce dragging and topsoil disruption. What you get is all the cutting capacity with far greater penetrating power; lower resistance, smoother tilling, and less dragging. The extra long nose and added bolt-protecting nib near the shank let this sweep cut more miles than conventional sweeps. Over 180 years we’ve perfected the fundamentals to bring you tools that just work by using only the highest quality materials, expert heat-treating techniques, and proven engineering. At Empire we focus on what matters to deliver everything you need and nothing you don’t. Exceptional Quality and Excellent Value.